What is the Benefit of a Weighted Hula Hoop?

If you are looking for a way to burn calories and get a flatter stomach, a weighted hula hoop may be just the tool you’ve been looking for. A hula hoop is not just for children anymore. Many adults have turned to the ageless activity of hula hooping for fun and a great workout.

This activity is not only great because it involves moving around, but it can be done by anyone regardless of age.

Enjoying an activity that allows you to accomplish your weight loss goals is just icing on the cake. There are many benefits to choosing a weighted hula hoop over a more traditional one. Check out all Benefit of a Weighted Hula Hoop:


It is hard to believe that working out can be relaxing, but with hula hooping, it can be. The repetitive motion of the hoop can be very calming for anyone. Some people even use it as a meditation tool to help them relax better. It also increases your mental concentration. Forget the chanting and start hula hooping instead.

Lose Weight

One of the best values about using a weighted hula hoop is its ability to reduce fat. When it comes to losing weight, finding a workout you can enjoy could be a daunting process. You want to find an activity that you aren’t going to get bored with and that is effective in helping you lose weight. A weighted hula hoop adds more resistance than a traditional one.

This allows you to lose weight faster because you are burning more calories. One study shows that you can burn as many as 210 calories while hula hooping for 20 minutes. This is one of the best aerobic activities available.

Increases Concentration

When it comes to hula hooping, it requires you to focus on what you are doing so the hula hoop does not drop to the ground. This activity can help increase your concentration. While sitting around doing puzzles can also do this, you get more physical activity with hula hooping.

This can help you learn to focus better in other areas when you practice your concentration with hula hooping.

Tones Abs

With summer soon approaching, everyone is looking to get bikini ready—what a great way to start toning your abs by buying a weighted hula hoop. Hula hooping really can help you for get a good fitness. The endless shifting of your body as you rotate with the hoop can be a great way to tone the muscles in your stomach.

It is hard to believe something, so the fun can help you get in shape.

Builds Stamina

Who doesn’t want a little extra stamina in their life? As we age and get out of shape, you can quickly see the effects on your body. What once may have seemed like an easy task is now much tougher on your body. By practicing with a weighted hula hoop, you can start to build your stamina back up.

Finally, You can’t got the Benefit of a Weighted Hula Hoop, if you don’t use it. Weighted hula hoop exercise will help you to get amazing body and refresh mind.

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