How to USE Your Weighted Hula Hoop: The Hula Hoop Workout

What kind of exercises can I do with my hoop?

Now that you have your weighted hula hoop, what do you do with it? This page will explore some essential hoop tips and exercises to get you started with hoop fitness!

(However, if you are primarily interested in a hula hoop workout or exercises, read on! Before we get started, though, let’s talk about a few other essentials.

Where’s a good place to work out with my weighted hula hoop?

The only factor limiting hula hoop is whether you have enough space to swing it around you without hitting anything. If you want to keep your workout private, consider hooping in the living room, garage, front/backyard, the kitchen (You wouldn’t be the first!), or just about anywhere you can find about 6 square feet of open space.

On the other hand, if you aren’t shy about hooping in public, consider taking your weighted hula hoop to the gym to utilize the fitness space or the park to use the soft grass and sunshine! The beauty of hula hooping is that you can do it almost anywhere, and all you need is that hoop. (Some music might be excellent too.)

How long should I hoop for?

This is up to you and your fitness level. Listen to your body and trust your instincts. If you are starting, perhaps you want to limit your sessions to 20 minutes and build from there. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with this type of movement, there is no limit to how long you should hoop! Remember, you are burning about 400 calories an hour just by sustaining it around your waist.

Do you have a guilty-pleasure TV show you watch each day? Hula hoop during the whole thing, and you will feel inherently less guilty. Plus, multitasking will help increase your muscle memory, making it easier for you to sustain the hoop with distraction! Under the right conditions, I must admit a hula hoop workout is a really easy workout, mentally and emotionally anyway.

What kinds of clothes are good for hooping?

Anything you can move in! You might find that certain fabrics “grip” the hoop better than others. The gripper the fabric, the easier time you’ll have to keep that hoop up. However, the difference is pretty marginal when you’re using a weighted hula hoop instead of a lighter and smaller kid’s hoop.

Now let’s get started!

The Basics

This first video features Pamela, a master trainer at Hoopnotica, as she leads you through a few basic exercises with your weighted hula hoop. If you are brand new to hooping, you may want to spend some time working through the exercises in this first video. It will help lay the foundation for future techniques.

The Core Crunch

This hula hoop workout, featuring a Sports Hoop, has you lying on a mat the entire time you use your hoop. This short exercise might be great for anyone who doesn’t want a standard hoop workout cardio. However, if you are coming into this with a strong core, consider increasing the intensity of the exercise with additional reps and longer holds.

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