Weight Loss Made Easy With Hula Hooping Workouts

Hula hoops may have started as a children’s toy back in the 1950s; these days, hoops have made a massive comeback and are being used as part of serious fitness and health programs for adults. A study was even carried out recently at the University of Wisconsin, which showed that hula hooping provided very similar health benefits to some of the more well-known extreme exercise types like step aerobics and kickboxing in the areas of heart rate increase and calorie burning. This is great news for those who want to find a new form of exercise for their weight loss program and those using exercise to improve their heart health and overall fitness.

So How Does Hula Hooping Help You to Lose Weight?

Like any form of physical activity, hula hooping can result in fat burning if you do it at an intensity that sends your heart rate up and for a time that requires your body to work harder than normal. Generally, this would equal walking or jogging on a treadmill for a few hours per week, at least. But for most people, that is more of a chore than a pleasure. Treadmills are certainly not one of the most enticing ways to lose weight – and most people will do their best to avoid them.

Enter hula hooping is an activity that is fun and has physical benefits for the entire body, from the arms to the legs and, importantly, the center core of the body, including the abdominal muscles. Here are a few simple tips that will help you get the absolute most out of your new hula hooping workout program, whether you are just starting or looking to take hooping to the next level.

Keep a good posture 

This is such an important aspect of hula hooping (and most other types of training too). Without good posture, while hooping, you can do more harm than good to your body. The key is to adhere to good posture techniques from the beginning to avoid getting into any bad habits. And the best part about focusing on correct posture is that once you have it right, you’ll find it easier to hula hoop and see faster, more effective results. The basics of good hula hooping posture include extending out from the center of the body, holding the stomach in, and lifting the ribs – although the exact posture you use will, of course, depend on the particular exercise you’re doing at the time.

2. Focus on the abdominal muscles

When doing traditional hula hooping around the waist, the focus should be on using those ad muscles rather than trying to get the rest of your body to work overtime to balance and move the hoop. The legs and midsection of the body should be kept stable, and your hips and abdominals should be completely in control of spinning the hoop.

3. Get good hoop momentum from the start

A common mistake that beginners tend to make is not getting enough momentum with the hoop, leading to failure and the temptation to give up altogether. If your hooping begins in an unstable fashion, you’ll find it hard to keep going and to complete any exercises at all. So get that hoop moving well from the beginning, starting the spin while holding the hoop parallel to the ground – this puts you in the best position for the hoop to keep spinning as it needs to.

Here are some great hula hoop workouts you can begin with to help you burn those calories:

If hula hooping sounds a little complicated after reading these workout tips, never fear. It is now possible to purchase hooping workout DVDs that provide step-by-step instructions and complete hula hoop workout programs. By following along with an expert, you visually learn perfect posture and hooping techniques – simply copy and watch your progress soar.

It can be draining to feel that you have to do exercise that you simply don’t enjoy. This leads to people becoming apathetic and eventually giving up the idea of losing weight or getting fit completely. When you enjoy something, you are much more likely to feel motivated to do it often. This is one of the great benefits of hula hooping. It doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising for most people because it is so much fun! And when something is fun, you’re probably going to want to do it often – this means faster weight loss, and a faster increase in your fitness level, and a great boost to your ongoing health.

Hoop notice is a hula hoop exercise program that you can follow along with, learning from beginner to advanced levels to use hula hooping as a weight loss and fitness method, combining the fun of dance with the unique movements that hula hooping require of the body – leading to fast, long term results.

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