The Best 20 Minute Hula Hoop Workout (A-Z) Final Guide

The core, back, and other significant areas of your body can be effectively toned in exercises performed using a weighted hula hoop.

Hula Hooping raises the heart rate to burn calories, and various methods of engaging the limbs contribute to muscle toning.

The exercises below can be performed 5 minutes each in succession or randomly for a full-body workout totaling 20 minutes.

The Guide of 20 Minute workout by Hula hoop

Mention in below the complete process of 20 minutes hula hooping:

Working the Core Muscles

Grasp your hula hoop with both hands and raise it above your arms to extend your arm and core muscles. Lower your hoop and pass it over your head and down to your hips. Gently push off one side of the hoop to begin the rotating motion, and raise your arms to either of your sides.

Continue to sustain the rocking motion by rocking your hips while keeping the arms extended. This basic exercise will tighten your abdominal muscles while training your body to balance while using the hula hoop.

20 Minute Hula Hoop workout

Extending the Arms

Wide sweeping arm passes are a method of toning the arm and shoulder muscles. Hold your hula hoop before your body with two hands. Pass the hoop behind your back with one hand, and reach behind with the other to bring the hoop forward again. Continue this circuit without stopping in a smooth wide sweeping motion. The shoulders and arms will be toned from this exercise.

How to workout by Hula Hoop

Lunging With Legs

Lunges are an effective means of toning the muscles of the legs and abdomen. Stand while rotating the hula hoop across your hips. In one motion, lower the body halfway and bend one knee halfway, leaning the weight into the decreased leg, before raising yourself to an upright position on two legs again.

Maintaining this pose while working the hula hoop across the waist strengthens the core and lower leg muscles while promoting balance.

hola hopping workout process

Inside Legs and Core

Target the legs with a slow deep movement that will strengthen your butt and leg muscles—in contrast, maintaining the hoop rotation squat like a ballerina. Ankles together knee out as you lower your body as far as possible. Hold the pose for a moment before standing again to repeat the motion.

This deep movement will tone the inside of your legs and can strengthen your back balance when done properly.

best way to work with your hula hoop

Above and Around the Arms

Lift your hula hoop above your head with one hand and twirl the hoop around your wrist. From the hand to the shoulder and back, your muscles are working to be toned. Lower your arm while allowing the hula hoop to fall down your arm, but continue twirling. Repeat the arm raising, hand twirling, arms lowering, and hula hoop transfer multiple times.

Keep the idle hand positioned on your waist or relaxed against your side.

Conclusion of hula hoop workout

Finally, an effective hula hoop workout can be fun while beneficial to the body. Maintaining balance, smooth motions, and holding poses are key to the best hula hoop workout. Twenty minutes of regular workout time with your hula hoop is the best way to work with your hula hoop.

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