How to Prepare for a Hula Hoop Fitness Session

Within 10 to 20 minutes, you can experience a full aerobic workout when using a weighted hula hoop as an exercise tool. Hula hoops tone the core, upper and lower body muscles; discipline the body to balance, and increase the heart to high rates, which burn calories. All this can be accomplished without harmful stress and strain on the joints of your body. Using a weighted hula hoop is not difficult. Preparation for a healthy and beneficial workout session with your weighted hula hoop is critical to utilizing the time spent using your hula hoop.

Selecting the Proper Hoop

Hula Hoops are available in multiple colors, diameters, and weights. The minimum weight needed in a hoop for effective weight loss and muscle toning is 2 pounds. Hoops range from sizes between 38-42 inches in diameter. Larger hoop diameters are easier to keep rotating at lower speeds, while hoops of smaller diameters require more effort to keep raised and rotating around your body. Choosing a hoop that is comfortable for your needs and physical ability will ensure your workout is effective, pleasurable, and without discomfort or unnecessary awkwardness. Weighted hula hoops can be purchased through online suppliers or in fitness and sports stores.

Before the Workout

As with any physical activity, stretching the muscles is important for an effective period of exercise and recovery time afterward. Carefully pull on your legs, arms, and upper body to open and lengthen the muscles in preparation for their extending in practice. Lifting the hula hoop above your head with arms raised is an easy way to stretch the back and arm muscles. Without proper stretching before and after a workout, muscles may incur stress and damage during your hoop exercises.

Tutorials videos online are available for instruction in stretching methods, and hula hoop teams are known for demonstrations as well.

During the Workout

Hula hoop exercises are used primarily to tone the stomach and areas of the lower body. Half squats with knees touching while maintaining a rotating hula hoop can effectively tone and strengthen the core and leg muscles. Lunging into the feet while hooping is another way to build balance and strength in the lower leg and back muscles. Breathe well and deeply while having fun. With regular 15-20 minute sessions, full-body toning can be accomplished in weeks. Exercises can be modified or adjusted to the comfort level of the hula hoop user.

Exercises with weighted hula hoops are numerous and simple to perform. Suited with the proper hula hoop to fit your needs, accomplishing these workouts is simple. Choosing a large weighted hoop will benefit aerobic activity and muscle strength. Pre-workout stretching will protect the muscles and prepare them for a lengthening experience when working with a hula hoop. With proper preparation and careful decisions, you can be well prepared for your workout sessions.

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