How Many Calories Can I Burn Hula Hooping?

Weighted hula hooping is rising in popularity as a workout routine, with numerous celebrities singing its praises. However, it’s nice to know exactly what you are doing when you start a new workout, so below is a rundown of how many calories you can burn while hula hooping. There are many things to keep in mind when trying to determine how many calories you can burn, but below are some things to consider when counting your calories.


It is important to remember that each of us is different, so the calories burned will vary depending on your body and movements. Beginners may burn more calories than advanced hoopers, as your body’s struggles to adjust to a new activity can increase the calories burned. You will burn more calories according to your weight; the more weight you have to move around while you hoop, the more you exert yourself, therefore burning more calories. The number can also be significantly affected by the way you walk. Someone standing during waist hopping will burn fewer calories than walking or dancing while practicing hula hoops.

Hooping Exercises

When someone says ‘hula hooping,’ you likely think of waist hooping — where the hula hoop is around your waist and the rotation of your hips keeps it up. Although it’s just a hula hoop fitness routine, exercises can greatly impact how many calories you burn. For example, the lasso move, where you use your arm to spin the hoop over your head, may burn fewer calories than waist hooping, but if you want to tone up your arms, it may be an exercise you want to work into your routine. Some people use their hula hoops to dance, which is a form of cardio exercise, but the type of dance choreography can determine how many calories will be burned during each workout.

General Estimates

While there is no way to get an exact number, we can estimate how many calories you will burn while hula hooping. However, because of the many options available when hooping, the estimates for hula hooping vary widely. Estimates as low as 6.25 calories per minute (375 calories per hour) have been made, but others have estimated as high as 600 calories per hour. That’s a pretty significant deviation, but with an exercise as flexible as hula hooping, that’s not very surprising.

Get More Specific

If you are dying to know how many calories you are burning, you can find calorie calculators online. Hula hooping is a cardio workout, so any cardio calorie calculator should work. They will ask for your weight or BMI and how long you worked out. With both of these factors in mind, they can give you a closer estimate of how many calories you burned. Keep in mind, however, that the weight of your hoop and the speed of your movements can still have an impact on the number of calories burned.

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