Hosting a Hula Hooping Challenge for Friends

Consider the issues before hosting the Hula Hooping Challenge for your friends. However, a little planning and anticipation can go a long way when it comes to converting a hula hoop into a fitness event at a social event.


You should first think about who should be invited to your challenge. For example, do you want your challenge to be only for experienced hoopers, or do you want to open the floor for beginners to come to learn how to hula hoop? If you are inviting beginners, have enough hula hoops on hand for everyone and try to have some known people for good instructors.


An essential aspect of any social gathering is location, but it is imperative when hosting a hula hoop workout challenge. Each participant will need a few feet of space, so if you are hosting more than a few people, it will need to occur outdoors or in a studio. Try to find a central location for all attendees and easy to find to increase your chances of a successful event. If you want to add music to your gathering, try to choose a place where you can play music without worrying about others, as hula hooping is recommended for sports.


A hula hoop workout can be a tiring thing, so you may want to consider having some sort of refreshment available for your friends. You will need drinks at the very least, but some light snacks or even a meal would likely be welcome. Keep in mind that most people who are into hula hooping are health-conscious, and choose your refreshments wisely with that in mind. Avoid sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks, but some crabs for energy may be welcome.


If you are hosting a hula hooping challenge open to beginners, make sure you have enough hula hoops on hand for everyone. This may mean asking your friends to bring their extras or possibly even investing in a few more hoops than you already own to ensure that everyone can participate. If you have a specific challenge, on the other hand, your challenge is for experienced hoppers (a specific hula hooping practice or dance choreography; for example), let them know before you bring the right hoops for the exercises and techniques you have planned.


If you have no hula hooping friends near you, you can work around that! With today’s technology, you can arrange a virtual hula-hooping challenge. This can be a little difficult if people are in different time zones but work together to find a time that works for everyone. Choose a venue for your hula hooping challenges, such as Google Hangout or Skype, and start spreading the word! Post on hula hooping forums and create a Facebook event; you may be surprised by how many people turn up to your hula hooping challenge.

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