Hula Hooping Benefits: JUST What The Doctor Ordered!

The BENEFITS of HULA HOOPING with a Weighted Hula Hoop


Hooping with a weighted hula hoop (or any hoop about it) is a great level to add to your fitness system. This is cardio. This is the issue of empowerment. It can be incorporated into other workouts even if it is extending to you. (Learn how to do it!) You can burn 400 calories from waist hooping!


Ask any Hooper, and you may find that the benefits and drawings of using a heavy hula hoop are more than just an exercise. I think hooping is the healthiest therapeutic release for me. Whether you’re looking for any emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual freedom, the physical act of “hooking it up” is no joke. It works very well for me for therapeutic purposes and brings the added benefit of a workout with (and possibly some entertainment!)

Body Awareness

It does take some practice not to move around hollow objects around you, but you will learn about your body and how to detach certain parts of the hoop to maintain the speed of the hoop through that exercise. Hula hooping instinctively teaches you body awareness because it depends on the concept. Hooper’s with a yoga or dance background respond very well to this element.


After a while, you will notice that by studying the movements and muscle breakdowns needed to wrap the weighted hula hoop around you, you will begin the unlocking action in your core that you never knew you had. When you do this, you can loosen tight muscles and joints through movement.


Fun and healthy recreational activities that any member of the family can enjoy are never a bad thing. Whether you’re hooping for fun or hooping for fitness, this is something everyone can do and ensure a proper hula hoop for you. (Yes, our adults need more giant hoops than our kids!) A heavier hula hoop may be easier to hold than a light, bouncy cousin.

Inspires Dance

I know many hoopers who claim that hoop taught them to dance. Some are natural from the beginning, and some require patience and practice, but in the end, find your rhythm in a pruning force to free your inner dancer even if no one sees you, your faithful pet! In general, the more size and weight you are working with, the easier it is. Due to the heavy nature of heavy hula hoops, you will have a much easier time learning to be pitiful in your hoop!

Low Cost

Very few sports/hobbies are free with full access. It can be spent anywhere from a small amount for recreation, whether it’s a gym membership, running shoes, yoga mats, ballet shoes, or weight. Heavy hopping is a relatively inexpensive hobby. All you need is a weighted hoop; that’s it! As long as you have, you can leave your living room barefoot if you want!

Low Impact

Depending on which exercises you choose, working with a heavy hula hoop can have minimal effect on your joints. Hula hooping straight-ups are mild compared to hobbies like running or ball games. Your most significant danger is entering a weighty base with cold muscles and potentially tweaking your back a bit. But let’s face it, you can only twink your back from pressing wrong. Be smart. Make a few cat-cows before your wrinkles get up!

Appropriate for All Ages and Body Types

Hooping is great for all ages! I have taught hoop classes to seniors, kids, and everyone in between. If you are overweight, you can hoop. You can hoop if you weigh less. Suppose you are a woman or a man you can hoop. A few weeks ago, I saw a YouTube video of a woman jumping around like crazy using a wheelchair shoulder! Not kidding. I say when I’m serious; You can expect.


There is no way around it. Hooping fun! Kids wouldn’t be so crazy for it otherwise. I (and so long ago) said, “Oh, no, I can’t hoop anymore. Maybe when I was younger!” I proved myself wrong, and now I am a full-time hoop dance instructor and performer. And let me tell you – it wasn’t fun.


Many weighted hula hoops on the market today are designed to be divided into sections. This way, you can break the leap for convenient travel and easy storage. Its use is also expanded for its convenience. You can take the hoop anywhere. While waiting for the connection, you can tour your living room at the airport, your front yard, a local park, the surrounding gym; you get the idea.

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