30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge for You – Get a perfect result

The 30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge is a great way to keep your body moving and having fun at the same time. To complete the 30-day hula hoop challenge (or any other physical activity), it is important to set small achievable goals for yourself.

I started the challenge to set at least one set per day for 30 days, but I didn’t realize it would take up so much space in my living room!

Extend before starting each session, starting with just 10 minutes at first and increasing to 5 minutes in 30 days until you reach 1 hour (and adjust as needed)!

The advantages of this challenge include increased balance, core strength, improved flexibility, and an overall good mood! For example, if you want to work with your credit, start balancing one leg for five seconds before trying two feet.

If you are working to increase your fitness level or muscle tone in certain areas of your body, try adding weights or resistance bands.

What is the hula hoop challenge?

The hula hoop challenge is a viral dance craze that has spread across the world in recent months. The Hula Hoop Challenge was create to promote healthy living and fitness in a fun way for all ages.

Hula hoop is an exercise program that can be done at home without any equipment or props required. Participants are encourage to use their body weight to complete each movement as they work on their balance, coordination, strength, and more!

How to start your own 30-day hula hoop challenge?

Do you want to start your own 30-day hula hoop challenge? You can do it! It’s easy. The best way to start your challenge is to have no rules – so create your program and move on!

The first step in setting up a 30-day hula hoop challenge is how many days per week you want to lift that thing. Three days a week may seem reasonable (you can alternate between Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). But for most people, the 30-day hula hoop challenge is a must-try.

Day 1: Introduce the challenge.

I introduce you to the challenge of hula hooping. Hula hoop challenges are becoming increasingly popular, and there are various ways to take on the task. It is a fun activity for all ages. You can use hula hoops anywhere and anytime, with anyone!

Day 2 to 5: Practice your hula hoop skills and learn how to use a hula hoop.

Hula hooping is a popular pastime for people of all ages. The best part about it is that it’s a great exercise! There are several ways to practice your hula hoop skills at home. To get start, choose your hoop size; small hoops are great for toddlers or newbie’s.

The shorter your hoop, the easier it will be to grasp the whole strategy without losing control! Once you have chosen which size works best for you, find an open space with no objects in the vicinity that could cause injury if hit by a fast-moving hula hoop.

I will teach you to use the hula hoop! I know it doesn’t sound very easy, but you can do it quickly if you follow these steps closely. Find the song of your choice and wear some comfortable clothes.

Next, remove the hula hoop from its packaging and straighten it. Place it around your waist. Now grab both ends and start rotating them around your waist as fast as you can. You can stop when you feel tired!

Day 6 to 10: Learn some basic moves for your hips, waist, and shoulders.

I will teach you some basic steps for your hips, waist, and shoulders. These are perfect for beginners and more experienced hula hoppers. We’ll start with a basic buttock circle. Which is great for getting warm or for doing in a traditional theatrical stretch?

Which helps strengthen your core and stretch the muscles that become stiff from sitting at a desk all day? Eventually, we will work on flexibility in the neck area over the shoulder circle and strengthen those upper back muscles. Let’s get start!

Stand up straight on the ground. Your legs should be about shoulder-width apart from each other. Distribute your weight evenly between both legs. Hold the hoop around the waist with one hand and the other hand.

Be sure to lift it from your body and keep it parallel to the floor so that at any one time, only touch one side and place your hands in front of each other where they hold.

Day 11 to 15: Make sure you’re practicing each day. 

Make sure you practice every day. After all, hooping is a hobby that hobbies are suppose to be fun! If you want to be better, you must practice. But, if you don’t give time then your form will fade and your body parts will be start to pain.

Because they are not accustom to doing these strategies. There is no shortcut or quick fix. Practice makes perfect, and that’s what we need to be the best hula hoop dancers around!

Day 16 to 20: Practice the basics while adding in new moves like shimmies and hip circles. 

Hula hooping is easy to learn, but it takes practice to be efficient. To perfect the basics when adding new rice like shimmy and buttocks circles:

  • Find a space at least 10 feet wide and clean from furniture and other objects.
  • Start with a hula hoop that moves around your waist or buttocks so that it hangs on either side of you.
  • Bend your elbow when you pull one end of the hoop towards the front of your body (where your belly button will be), then push it again.
  • Try this step with both hands at once!

Day 21 to 30: Add in more complex tricks like 180 degree turns or body rolls.

You can master the basic hula hoop techniques of rotating it around your waist and on your legs. But many more complex steps can be take with a hula hoop.

One such technique is a 180-degree turn where you bring the hoop to your chest when you rotate it in place, then go back down again at the same time.

Another common one is body rolls that involve turning the hoop on different parts of your torso for different effects on each side of the body. There’s also juggling, which some people swear by as a fantastic exercise! So what are you waiting for? Start mastering some more advanced techniques today!

Before and after 30-day hula hoop challenge results

Before I started this 30-day hula hoop challenge, my life was a mess. I had no direction, and nothing was important to me. My life has been a lot better after I started this 30-day hula hoop challenge.

My mind is clear, and there is no worry in the world when you are spinning with your hoop! It melts all my problems, and it seems fantastic. So far, so good – I woke up fresh and happy with what the day might be like; It’s beautiful outside, and the sun is shining on me as if telling me everything will be fine.

The best part of this challenge is that it works hard (especially at first), but it also helps to build your core strength, stamina, and weight loss.

Hula hoop weight loss results

Hula hooping is a great way to lose weight, get in shape and have fun. It has less effect on your joints, burns calories faster, and is easy to do! But you have to before know how many calories you can burn.

You can burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes by hula hooping. if you exercise continue more then you will get more good result. All of example given in below:

If you continue the process then you can loss your weight like below:

  • Weight loss of 12 pounds in 1 month (depending on size)
  • Weight loss of 27 pounds in 2 months (depending on size)
  • Weight loss of 40+ pounds in 3 months (depending on size)

Why should you do this challenge too?

The hula hoop is a toy that has been around for decades. This is initially a toy used by children all over the world.

Nowadays, they are usually marketed to adults, who want to keep themselves active and lose weight or maintain their current weight level.

In fact, with your hula hoop, you can take on some challenges that will make this old toy new again!

Here are some benefits of take challenge:

  • You will have fun
  • Your body will feel better
  • You will be more creative
  • This is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. And much more!

How do I learn from my 30-day challenge?

For 30 days, I challenged myself to do a hula hoop every day. What I learned from this challenge is that you can use it for your challenge:

  1. Find a measurable and achievable goal,
  2. Find a friend who will take part in the challenge and send them to hula hoops every time they go out to buy supplies.
  3. I followed the rules (Given on up) How to you can start your 30 days hula hoop challenge?
  4. Make sure someone else is aware of your goal so they can keep track of how long it lasts.
  5. Reward yourself while achieving your goals!


The 30-Day Hula Hoop Challenge is over, and the results are in. The challenge was a success! I’m feeling healthy, more energetic, toned, and strong. It’s been a fantastic journey that has left me with so many new friends too.

So keep up with your fitness goals by finding what works best for you and making it happen.

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